Classic Thai massage Piešťany

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Thai herbal massage

What our salon can offer you

Thai massage is more accurate and also more consistent than classical forms of massage. At the same time, it works more with energy.

It has these benefits for you

  • relaxation
  • stress relief
  • improving blood circulation
  • recharge energy
  • improving joint flexibility
  • improving the range of motion of the muscles
  • harmonization of mind and body

We choose from our offer of Thai massages

Traditional Thai massage


Thai traditional methods use dry massage without oil and work with energetic pathways in the human body, they also help to stretch all limbs and sore muscles.

Foot massage


It is based on the principle in which the reflex points on the legs and arms are stimulated and with the help of which we can influence the internal organs through the reflex pathways.

Herbal massages


In traditional Thai medicine, herbs are used as a supplement to massages to treat diseases. Herbs are great for all muscle pain and sprains

Traditional Thai massage

Is this massage suitable for everyone?

Although Thai massage in most cases relieves us of fatigue and stress, it is advisable to first make sure that it is suitable for you and your health. It is true that Thai massage has many advantages, but it cannot be ruled out at all that there are no disadvantages. Therefore, before the massage, it is necessary for the masseuse to know the health condition of the client and possible complications that could later cause injury to the body.

Exercise yoga without effort - Thai massage Piešťany

Thai Massage Piešťany

Thai massage is also called “Thai-yoga” massage because masseurs use not only their hands but also their knees, legs, and feet to achieve stretching of your body as in the practice of yoga. Thai massage is actually a yoga exercise but effortlessly.

Acupressure techniques are also used to stretch muscles and mobilize joints. The massage not only has relaxing effects but also charges you with energy.

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